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“I use my energy healing to serve the world, I found out its also serving me!”

~ Nelis Bahder


The Freedom Program

Work with Nelis once daily and connect to your higher-consciousness with MediShakti. The session will guide you through the Freedom from the trauma of abuse, fear, anger, etc. This essential program is powerful and keenly effective while giving you the time and space needed to integrate the changes taking place within you. Read more

The Truth Mastery Program

Work with Nelis twice daily for deeper, more amplified transformation, purification and restructuring of your frequencies. The Truth Mastering Program offers an intense format with two sessions where the second MediShakti will build upon the Freedom session to go deeper into your patterns of distortion, creating an intense state of self-transformation. Read more

The Activation Program™

The Activation Program™ is designed for 21 day participants or those who had experienced private sessions with Nelis, meaning that the participant have been through various levels of detoxification and have a strong frequency foundation.  This allows the participant to experience a deep awareness of the intense radical change that happen after the activation. Read more


Dr. James V. Hardt.

Founder and Board Member
Biocybernaut Institute.
“I had the pleasure of working with Nelis for a full week of double alpha training” Her brain wave patterns were quite unique in showing frequent waking Alpha, Delta, Theta wave activity in her frontal central and occipital lobes” Not many people exhibit this type of brain activity which offers her a unique ability experienced by few. She has the ability to make things happen by possessing this powerful gift. Her brain waves allow her to use her higher conscious state to influence physical changes with her mind.” This unique brain wave patterns, possessed by few, helps to validate Nelis’s unique healing powerful abilities.

I have taken both healing and channeling sessions with Nelis, an experience like none other I have ever had. She has become my therapy and my friend. Nelis have been a source of great support during my difficult time and my deepest state of depression. I was able to connect to my daughter and give her a better version of myself. I recommend Nelis to anyone who suffer from depression.

Francis Herrera 

Accountant & HR

It has been a life changing for me after I started working with Nelis. I have struggle with Depression for years but after a few sessions I felt an immense relief and lighter than I had felt for a very long time. Nelis used her healing ability to help me overcome my depressive state. I don’t know how to thank you enough. Thank you Nelis!

Deysi Samon

Marketing & Hospitality

As the session started I immediately felt her healing energy travel throughout my body as it was been received, after the session I felt improvement in my health and I noticed that the pain was gone, I recommend Nelis Bahder for anyone who is looking for physical and emotional healing. Thank you Nelis for sharing your gift with the world.

Gladys Bermudez

Therapist Past Life Regressions

Nelis has an exceptional gift. I recently had the opportunity to do a session with her. Words can’t fully capture what I experience under a divine wave of unconditional love. Sounds began to move through me, as I was guided to sing the Ave Maria. I felt tears of joy rolling from my eyes. My heart was in such a state of bliss. I felt the divine power of sound. Thank you.

Carol Bush