The MediShakti™ 21 Day Program with Nelis Bahder

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Program Dates: August 3-23


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The MediShakti™ 21 Day is an empowerment program of energy healing that helps:  

  • Peel layers of distortions pattern like fear, anger, resentment, regret, self-doubting and limiting beliefs
  • Speed up ascension of the human potential where limitless abundance resides
  • Mastering complete unification with peace and harmony by becoming present and experience spiritual bliss and ecstasy.
  • Access abundance and success in all aspects of your life (health, wealth, relationships, connection to higher consciousness, etc.)

Become Limitless

MediShakti™ is a process of combining a silent meditation along with energy transmission. Nelis Bahder developed MediShakti™ after her Kundalini awakening (life force activation) experience when she went into a heightened state of consciousness through frequent meditation. In these transcendent experiences, Nelis was able to unlock superhuman abilities that lie within all of us. As a result, she was able to obtain cosmic knowledge as well as ignite her intuitive abilities, allowing her to visualize a person’s energy field or aura and gain insights about them psychologically and physiologically.

In the 21 Day Program, Nelis will utilize MediShakti™ to guide you through this amazing transcendent meditation. She will awaken your inner spirit, removing distortive frequencies and help you access higher levels of consciousness unlocking your limitless potential.

MediShakti™ is a 21 Day Process for 21 minutes per Day.

According to the pioneering research performed by Dr. James V, Hardt Founder & CEO of Biocybernaut Institute, Nelis went through a synchronization of her brain causing a 360 degree transformation. What normally takes 40 years of training by Zen Master’s, Dr. Hardt worked with Nelis extensively to accelerate this transformation and documented her brain wave changes  going through episodes of Alpha, Delta, Theta, and Gama activity using state of the art technology. Dr. Hardt claims that 21 Days is the optimum time needed for the brain to build extensive neural networks adopting the optimal brain wave activity to reach higher states of consciousness. The MediShakti™ 21 Day program is an accelerated program that consists of a three-part process, including an activation.

Part 1: Nullifying trauma and frequencies of limiting belief systems

Part 2: Restore, pure energetic frequencies for a solid life foundation

Part 3:  Influx an awakening of a supernatural force

The Power of Mastering the Truth

Each day, as participants join the MediShakti™ live from around the world, the power of mastering the truth is amplified by using the strength of MediShakti™. With her special abilities, Nelis is able to connect you to a higher consciousness of the mind by increasing potent energetic frequencies to align you with the highest truth of the divine. You will discover the following as a result:

  1. Become aware of the root cause of behavioral patterns
  2. Remove energetic blockages of your chakras
  3. Summon conscious awareness’s of higher vibrational levels
  4. Awakening your inner self-healing abilities, and become an ambassador of light in the world

Live MediShakti™ for 21 Days
21 Minutes per Session • Via Phone or Web

MediShakti™ Activation Exclusive Program

This exclusive initiation of Shakti is a program for 21 days, which involves the awakening of a supernatural force within the body and this awakened force acts for increasing your spiritual energy by changing your vibratory field and activating the brilliance of your core self. Nelis with her Guru by her side, conducts MediShakti™, and this combination of simultaneous work will download into you a huge amount of cosmic energy. It allows you to establish, in split seconds, a connection between your divine Source-God and you. The MediShakti™ Kundalini Activation is an exclusive opportunity that is very limited and by invitation only.

To register for The Kundalini Activation (Only available to the 21 Days participant; no public access, available in private session as an option, please (click for Details) for more information)

During the 21 days, a loyal participant, each time will “reestablish the connection to sources, in order to penetrate on the deeper levels of frequencies distortions. By acknowledging these buried layers of trauma, and potential removing them, allowing you to connect to your higher consciousness and limitless abundance.

Notice: The MediShakti™ is a transformational process that will change your life, it’s an effective and intense program. You may find it a bit challenging as old patterns of traumas, fears, and anger rise to the surface. This process can be quite challenging both mentally and physically. Working with Nelis requires absolute ownership and personal accountability. If you are mentally unstable, weak, tend to blame others, and/or are unwilling/unable to take personal responsibility please do NOT proceed.


The MediShakti 21 Day Program has been designed into a three step process that allows you to choose two options according on the level of healing and transformation you desire for your ascension.

The Freedom Program

Work with Nelis once daily and connect to your higher-consciousness with MediShakti. The session will guide you through the Freedom from the trauma of abuse, fear, anger, etc. This essential program is powerful and keenly effective while giving you the time and space needed to integrate the changes taking place within you.

Products included with The Freedom Program:

  • MediShakti Freedom  (9:30 am ET)
  • Group Healings and or Private Sessions
  • Credit for The MediShakti Program of The Mastery of Truth 2
  • Exclusive option to those who participate in the Activation Program
    (Only available to 21 Day participants; no public access)

Cost of Investment for The Freedom MediShakti Freedom Program: $76

The Freedom Program is ideal for anyone new to Nelis’s work and the 21 Days, offers those who are highly sensitive to energy work and frequency shifts and those who have challenging health conditions, or anyone who may want to experience intensive detoxification.

The Truth Mastery Program

Work with Nelis twice daily for deeper, more amplified transformation, purification and restructuring of your frequencies. The Truth Mastering Program offers an intense format with two sessions where the second MediShakti will build upon the Freedom session to go deeper into your patterns of distortion, creating an intense state of self-transformation.  

Products included with The Truth Mastering Program:

  • Freedom MediShakti (9:30 am ET)
  • Truth Mastering MediShakti (9:30 pm ET)
  • $26 Credit Discount for the 21 Day loyal Participants of The Freedom Program

Cost of Investment: $152

The Truth Mastery Program is more advanced and designed for those who have already been through some level of detoxification and have created a strong frequency foundation and feel prepared for more rapid, intense, in-depth clearing and transformation.

The Activation Program™

The Activation Program™ is designed for 21 day participants or those who had experienced private sessions with Nelis, meaning that the participant have been through various levels of detoxification and have a strong frequency foundation.  This allows the participant to experience a deep awareness of the intense radical change that happen after the activation. In the beginning phases of kundalini awakening, you’ll feel something changing in your being. The newly awakened Kundalini energy will allow you to experience a level of spiritual energy that is like no other feeling you’ve ever felt before. You become more aware of your senses, bodily functions and energy levels. This awakening can also make you feel more at peace and bliss, with the sense of significant shifts allowing you to connect you to your higher self, which is the most brilliant and powerful companion you can ever imagine.

Investment: $229

Nelis Bahder donates significant profits to those who are in need of food, shelter and help with daily living around the world. To learn more about Nelis’s passionate causes, please click here.

“My biggest inspiration as a philanthropy is the faith in uplifting humanity to a spiritual ascension.”

~ Nelis Bahder