What is Meditation?

Meditation involves turning your attention inward and focusing your mind to a place where you are connecting to “The source and your universal self.” A special state of consciousness in which the mental structure is transcended, the discursive mind (the producer of all the dualistic thoughts) is silenced because we no longer feed it with our attention. In order to understand the term Alphamental state, you need to understand how our brain works and how each type of brain wave impacts our emotions.

The basic brain waves are delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma. Brain waves are categorized in terms of frequency measured in cycles per second and are measured and recorded using an electroencephalogram. Each of the brain waves have different cycle speeds where Delta is the slowest at 0-4 cycles per second and gamma is the fastest at 25-70 cycles per second.

 The goal is not to teach you about all types of brain waves, but to focus on the Alpha State which is where your brain waves oscillate at 8-13 cycles per second. This is the brain wave state achieved where people relate happiness, joyfulness, creativity, and energizing, loving and peaceful emotions. High Alpha state brain activity causes super conscious states of awareness. It is the goal of my program to help you get into this Alpha state through meditation to become Alphamental. For many this Alphamental state might appear very difficult to obtain, but with little effort we can easily realize the reality of this state which is “one blink away” from your normal states.

Even if you are consumed by the hectic reality of daily life, it is possible to achieve this Alphamental State. While reading these lines, your brain is formulating ideas and experiences at the Alphamental level. Your intuitions and intentions immediately get “swallowed” at the Alphamental level where you just assign them to a particular personality. The personal flavor of your thoughts surface until everything becomes the very detailed personality that cannot be distinguished from its core basic elements. This is analogous to looking at a painting where you can’t see the colors because they are embedded in the images that have created the whole painting. Therefore, you are looking at the entire painting unable to visualize the specific colors that are within the painting as a whole. 

This is very analogous on how the Alpha mental state is concealed in your normal daily life. While it is often considered a spiritual or religious practice, it has become much more mainstream in today’s Western cultures. Meditation is a technique utilized by many individuals for personal development and growth leading to successful, happy and peaceful lives.

“If you sit still and look within, you will see our minds are unstable and restless. But as time passes, the waves crashing in the mind will calm down. Then this creates a margin that can detect something more subtle. At that moment, our intuition kicks in and one can see the world more clearly and become more faithful to the present. This is the cultivation of the heart which needs to be constantly trained.” 

~ Steve Jobs

Benefits of alpha mental state Meditation

  • Increase in IQ level
  • Feel more at peace and bliss
  • Psychic abilities are enhanced
  • Much better sense of sound, color and sight
  • Feeling awareness of purification
  • More compassionate and empathic
  • Slowed down aging and increase in creativity
  • Become physically stronger
  • Become more attractive
  • Better wisdom and calmness
  • Increased spiritual connection
  • Greater experience of the divine light
    & more…

The Mystery of Meditation

Meditation is a mystery to those who have not experienced it. Part of the trouble is that the language of meditation can seem esoteric; we’re talking about the mind and our experiences in the mind, which can be difficult to articulate. The best way to demystify this enigma is through practice and experience.
It is only through the experiential level that one can truly understand the power and simplicity of meditation. It’s an interconnected phenomenon that can radically change one’s outlook on life. Below are some key milestones of the development of the mind:

  • First, one begins to meditate on a daily basis.
  • Then, one’s perspective on life completely changes.
  • Lastly, one’s life does change based on new attitude, different decision making, less reaction & more action, and positive energy

Everyday situations that initially seem overly complex can begin to unravel one by one, like the layers of an onion. Perhaps we’ve been stuck in the same job, or our partner doesn’t love us how we want them to, or life just isn’t fair—”others are always getting better opportunities than we are”. We blame these things on the fact that we [are just] unlucky and there is nothing to do about it. Meditation can help us reduce our attachment to the way things are so we can better understand why things are. Just simply reality for what it is.

Meditation helps us understand that changing our external circumstances begins with changing our mental attitude. We can attend a zillion yoga classes, read self-help books, talk to therapists and complain to others. But until we stop the runaway train of our minds and simply sit with the reality as it truly is, we won’t find the kind of clarity that leads to happiness, contentment and joy.

  • Meditation doesn’t make our problems disappear.
  • Meditation helps us see our problems clearly.
  • Makes mental space for solutions to arise.
  • That is the beauty of meditation.
  • The beauty of taking control of one’s outlook.
  • The beauty of understanding our motives.
  • Understanding our mistakes.
  • The beauty of moving past the clutter in the mind and towards inner peace.

Three easy steps to commit to the practice of meditation:

  1. Make a commitment to sit. Join a class. Attend an online course. Read a book about meditation—there are so many to choose from! Take baby steps at first. Once you learn the basics, start small. Five minutes a day will lead to 10 minutes, then 15…
  2. Ask for support from your friends and family. ** Let them know about your commitment to meditate. The 21 Days MediShakti is the best framework for support.
  3. Do not waver! ** Times will get tough and your mind will wander like a monkey leaping from tree to tree in the jungle. You are not alone in this—in fact, this state of mental unrest is known as “monkey mind”! Keep coming back to your practice again and again, and eventually the monkey will get comfortable and take a nap.

By learning the technique and practice of meditation, you will begin to develop wisdom derived from deep within the subtle body. From that, you will begin to know yourself. When we know ourselves, we can begin the slow process of knowing others and developing compassion and equanimity for all sentient beings.

“The physical world, including our bodies, is a response of the observer. We create our bodies as we create the experience of our world.”

~ Deepak Chopra

By learning the technique and practice of meditation, you will begin to develop wisdom derived from deep within the subtle body. From that, you will begin to know yourself. When we know ourselves, we can begin the slow process of knowing others and developing compassion and equanimity for all sentient beings.

It is essential if you wish to learn meditation, that you receive meditation guidance from a qualified teacher. MediShakti is not a technique you can pick up simply by reading about it online or in a book. If you are interested in participating on the 21 Days MediShakti program, please click here for more detail.

Nelis can guide you this amazing transcendent meditation. She will awaken your inner spirit. She offers lives meditation via internet or audio download. Nelis Bahder Will give you your own personal mantra to use as you learn and practice meditation in the comfort and tranquility of your very own living room.

“Meditate like Christ…He lost himself in love”

~ Neem Karoli Baba