"Awakening your life force by changing your frequency"  ~ Nelis

Nelis Bahder, has helped many people around the world break through challenging situations in their personal and professional lives so they achieve not only success, but also personal breakthroughs leading to more fulfillment and happiness in their lives.
After her personal awakening and activation by her Guru, Dr. Raghuvir Singh Gaur, Nelis was given a gift to see and experience invisible forces surrounding a person’s aura that helps her explain one’s feelings from a quantum physics perspective. Nelis is able to remove issues at the core of your being so you can reach your optimum potentiality and attain instant & substantial results that help you live a more enjoyable and prosperous life. 
Nelis’s unique abilities and divine gifts has allowed her to work with individuals from all over the world providing them with unique energetic changes only experienced by top performing individuals. She has worked with physicians, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and other influencers in helping them perform at peak performance levels. She also donates her time to assist others who are suffering from challenges and ailments that have not responded to conventional and other types of medical treatment or therapy.
*Nelis’ abilities have been verified by Dr. James V. Hardt acclaimed to holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from Carnegie Institute of Technology, a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Carnegie-Mellon University and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Carnegie-Mellon University and he has done Post-Doctoral work in Psychophysiology at the Langley Porter Neuro-Psychiatric Institute of the University of California at San Francisco. For the fastest way to gain a broad understanding of how Nelis works and her teachings. Please listen to her audio or read her clients’ success testimonials.

About Program and Frequency Transformation:

•  Mitigate Chronic Physical and Mental Health Issues
•  Enhance your Business and Financial Performance
•  Improve Relationships in all Areas of Life
•  Connect to your Higher Source & Deepen your Spiritual Journey
•  Increase Your Intuitive Abilities
•  Enhance Your Life-Span, Your Youthfulness and Beauty

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One Near Death Experience, a Life Force Activation & Highly Advanced Human Abilities

Nelis has always been intuitively gifted. Like many others, as a child she had a near death experience, that left her with the ability to communicate with angels in her early childhood. She was able to call on these angels in times of need to protect her from the physical and mental abuse she suffered from her mother during her childhood. She tried to hide or ignore her highly intuitive and supernatural abilities so she could “fit in”. It is for this reason Nelis has always strongly advised parents to support children who have similar affinities. It literally took Nelis after a Medi-Shakti session with her Guru, to reawaken and embrace her abilities.

“The beauty, peace and love present during this experience can never compare to anything we have on earth at this physical level”, says Nelis.  After this experience, her intuitive abilities were heightened and she was able to sense future events and the internal issues of others.
Nelis intuitive abilities were then pushed aside as her new relationship took over.  Her business in Health Care, as well as continuing and pursuing an Accounting, MBA Degree took center stage during this time of her life.
After years of detoxing through Medi-Shakti with the love and support of her Guru. It opened Nelis to even higher levels of awareness where miracles can and do happen. To clarify, Nelis does not have the power to heal; rather she acts as the “conduit” for pure energy to manifest this healing from a higher energy field. These fundamental shifts can impact anyone’s physical, emotional, financial or spiritual health, and all areas of relationships, creating full Abundance.

A healing with Nelis has no religious significance. It is spiritual in nature. It is for this reason that Nelis diverse community consists of clients of all faiths and beliefs.
Nelis began studying similar, near death experience and Kundalini Awakening, (Life Force Energy) in order to understand the incredible shift she was undergoing. The closest explanation she found was in the field of Quantum Physics, also a remarkable book suggested by her Guru.
God Speaks by Meher Baba. Is very informative and gives a very comprehensive view of evolution and the journey of consciousness.
Guide to Shaktipat by Swami Shivom Tirth which answers a lot of beginner questions about Kundalini activation of (Life Force Energy)
The most important lessons come to her through meditations where, since she crossovers, these meditations have become even more vivid; she enters a dream-like state but wide awake and aware of her surroundings. At times she transcends her physical body and from these meditations gains knowledge on a multitude of subjects, including spiritual and earthly matters. Over time her healing abilities have been magnified and sessions have been condensed, generating significant shifts at the core level.
She started working on clients professionally in June 2017. Within less than a year, she had worked on over a many individuals who were drawn to her by referral. Through her daily meditation sessions and frequent speaking engagements, Nelis has been able to touch countless individuals. Whether it is physical or emotional health, finances, relationships or spirituality, Nelis can change your frequency in order to be Limitless & enjoy full Abundance in all aspects of your life.

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Warning: Some people may experience some “detox” symptoms after listening to Nelis. And for some the paradigm shift maybe too great. Do not take part if you are not ready for rapid transformation in your life.

Nelis is not a medical doctor. In the event she gives you any health suggestions, please consult your health practitioner for advice. Nelis endeavors to help prevent or ease suffering exclusively by mental or spiritual means and by prayer. You must read and agree to our Disclaimer to use our site.