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Program to Remove Entity & Negative Energies from Your Space:

Do you feel or sense a negative presence around you, physically, emotionally or energetically?

Most people are unaware of the presence of negative energies surrounding them or unseen entities that continuously lower their vibrations. This impacts their life by causing fatigue, depression, lower strength, negative emotions, which causes them to have a false sense of reality causing confusing thoughts and disturbances that lower their vibrational energy and frequencies. In addition, they can negatively impact those individuals who are in their space at this time.

Because many people don’t understand this unconscious phenomenon, they often act in ways that are detrimental to themselves and to those around them. These negative spiritual attachments often affect one at the quantum level.  If you are suspicious of their presence or you want to remove them from your life, Nelis MediShakti techniques will eliminate these entities for good:

  • Clear entities that are very attached and extremely harmful to you.
  • Release these harmful entities that cause you pain and suffering, so you no longer experience chronic fatigue and a mental state of chaos.
  • Bring conscious awareness of these forces allowing you to maintain a higher state of personal empowerment.
  • Establish a seal of protection from other frequencies seeking to control or attach to you.

   When these present entities are not removed, they can clutter many emotional issues related to your past and present life. These entities will always weaken you, create anger, anxiety, fear, stress, and effect the holes in the auric field.

Nelis Bahder Energy Healing is a powerful transformation process, is highly effective and very intense. You may find it challenging as old patterns shift. Having a healing with Nelis requires absolute ownership and personal accountability. If you are mentally unstable, or tend to blame others, and unwilling or unable to take personal responsibility. This method of Healing is NOT for you.   

How to know if you have an attached negative entity?

•    Do you have a sense that you are not alone?
•    Do you experience nightmares or panic at night?
•    Experience brain fog?
•    Feel impeded, stuck or held back on all areas of your live?
•    Your brain is filled with clutter causing you to have trouble thinking with clarity and trouble sleeping?
•   You constantly have thoughts of suicide.
•    You struggle with depression, anxiety or even mood swings.
•    You have a tendency of Alcohol or drug addiction, and much more.


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