21 Day Medishakti – Freedom Program


Work with Nelis once daily and connect to your higher-consciousness with MediShakti. The session will guide you through the Freedom from the trauma of abuse, fear, anger, etc. This essential program is powerful and keenly effective while giving you the time and space needed to integrate the changes taking place within you.

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Products included with The Freedom Program:

  • MediShakti Freedom  (9:30 am ET)
  • Group Healings and or Private Sessions
  • Credit for The MediShakti Program of The Mastery of Truth 2
  • Exclusive option to those who participate in the Activation Program
    (Only available to 21 Day participants; no public access)

Cost of Investment for The Freedom MediShakti Freedom Program: $76

The Freedom Program is ideal for anyone new to Nelis’s work and the 21 Days, offers those who are highly sensitive to energy work and frequency shifts and those who have challenging health conditions, or anyone who may want to experience intensive detoxification.


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