21 Day Medishakti – Truth Mastery Program


Work with Nelis twice daily for deeper, more amplified transformation, purification and restructuring of your frequencies. The Truth Mastering Program offers an intense format with two sessions where the second MediShakti will build upon the Freedom session to go deeper into your patterns of distortion, creating an intense state of self-transformation.  

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Products included with The Truth Mastering Program:

  • Freedom MediShakti (9:30 am ET)
  • Truth Mastering MediShakti (9:30 pm ET)
  • $26 Credit Discount for the 21 Day loyal Participants of The Freedom Program

Cost of Investment: $152

The Truth Mastery Program is more advanced and designed for those who have already been through some level of detoxification and have created a strong frequency foundation and feel prepared for more rapid, intense, in-depth clearing and transformation.


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