Mission & Values

Nelis Bahder Philanthropic Ambassador, my mission is to help donors create thoughtful, effective philanthropy throughout the world.

A word from Nelis Bahder:

I have begun this journey with the help and support of my fiancé who believes in the same philanthropic visions that I do which in supporting those in need of help to live a more productive and healthier life. This involves feeding those suffering from hunger, poverty, lack of shelter and education. My continual search for solving hunger problems. I am continually looking for ways to bring people together in working toward ways to decrease malnutrition and solve world hunger.  Building an organization that saves the lives of children and their families through early detection, prevention, and treatment, especially after a disaster hits their communities. One goal is to teach the communities to function independently and provide for themselves using local resources and learning how to use basic life tools. My goal is to eliminate world hunger and I truly believe that if everyone contributes by helping just a few people we can positively change this issue all over the globe.

One of the greatest problems plaguing our world today is getting clean drinking water and healthy food. While many of us enjoy the pleasures of cooking satisfying meals at home as well as dining out, there are millions of people—many of them children—in America and around the world that do not get enough to eat. The good thing is that we can get solve this problem by getting involved and donating, time, effort, and money to charities around the world and at home. It doesn’t take much and as my fiancé and I learned by our mission trip to India in 2019, $1.00 per day can not only provide food but also education to many poverty-stricken communities. We would watch commercials on TV that would say $1.00 per day can save a child’s life and we didn’t believe it until we did this mission trip to  India in 2019 and experienced it first-hand. My goal is to set up mission trips annually because the act of serving is just as important as the act of giving financially. By personally experiencing this giving you will experience a feeling of love and satisfaction like you never felt before. Let’s all join and work together to end all this unnecessary suffering by those who just need some help in different areas of their life during certain times of their personal lives.

“My biggest inspiration as a philanthropy is the faith in uplifting humanity to a spiritual ascension.”

~ Nelis Bahder


My reason for being — guiding philanthropy that shifts the world forward — is impossible without the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards. This is reflected in every relationship we create, just as it shapes the way we work. As our clients, you’ll receive the same deep respect that we show those who support our cause, our methods and our administrative expenses are 100% transparent, and we always try to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. Our team operates within a work environment that helps them thrive personally and professionally.


Building our foundation of transparency and integrity, is the only way to build trusting relationships with all our clients and our communities. You can rely on us to maintain confidentiality, providing frequent updates and sharing our goals with all of you on a frequent basis.


Alongside our commitment to fostering trust, we make good on our promises by emphasizing quality in everything we do. As the world evolves, we are developing a collective consciousness to better integrate with each other with stronger bonds and relationships; Being a part of our local and global community is the only way to achieve our tremendous goals mentioned previously. We innovate and adapt as we work together and encourage your feedback and knowledge to help us realize our objectives in a collective manner.


Nelis Bahder as a Philanthropic adviser, welcomes the diversity of thinking and input to expedite her goals as quickly as possible. Through our work with a broad range of clients, we advocate for a variety of voices; we celebrate differing views, experiences and ideas as we help bring your philanthropic vision to light. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in our staff and board members, who represent the communities in which we live, work and serve.